Let your new partners man the phones for you

Amazingly, it is still happening most of the time. Your phones are buzzing incessantly. They just never stop ringing, do they? And then you still need to spend hours on the line talking or listening to clients. You could view this as being positive because you and your company are still very much in demand. But how are you supposed to get any work done? And why is this trend so amazing? It is amazing to observe that there is a perception among small to medium sized operators that it is still cheaper to hold the fort down at own speed.

Do the best you can all will be well and we will save as much money as possible. How many times did you hear your last business manager tell you and your colleagues that? And now that you are running your own company, why are you still practicing those old bad business habits. It is far more cost-effective and potentially profitable for you to be starting new partnerships. Yes, you could call the bpo partnership a potentially rewarding business partnership for the future.

It is far more cost effective for you to outsource those traditional in house services while you and some of your key staff focus on new business developments and on more important tasks, such as making preparations for the drawing up of quarterly reports or preparing for a season ending sale. You should not even be concerning yourself about just how much this outsourcing partnership is going to cost you. You only need to utilize temporary, but skilled staff, to man those buzzing phones as and when needed.

Or you can get them to help you with your important quarterly admin tasks.