Community-inspired investment advice

It will be rare in this day and age when a man or woman will be inspired to go further in life after receiving qualified and quantified, and substantiated investment advice. But there are still far too many consultants who serve their interests first before attending to those they have been appointed to serve. They are more interested in the fees and commissions they could be earning instead of taking the proven prudent path towards exponential wealth.

This negative attribute is now commonly known as short-termism. Instead of taking the alternative long term route and investing in value-based wealth, these investors nip in and nip out at a profit, little knowing just how much more wealth they could have created for both themselves and their clients. Now, there are those who do it right, the first time and always. It may still seem rare at this stage but there is an investment advisor or two who truly places the horse before the cart.

They are self-assured in the knowledge that they will be achieving their wealth based targets down the line. This, however, is not the reason why they are more than willing, and able, to serve communities before themselves. No, they really do want to serve, and will at some stage or another of their business cycles invest their time and knowledge without charge. But of course, there will come the critical time when advisor and client must sit down and have a serious discussion.

Fees will be above board, but competitively and fairly structured. Fees are charged in accordance with services given and investment vehicles decided upon. There is inspiration for the client to follow good client advice and reassurance that the investment consultant is not doing this purely to make money for himself, but to empower his client towards wealthy wellbeing and security.